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Rewind and Rock -
The Ultimate '80s Mixtape!

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From Big Hair to Sony Walkmans -
80s Music That's Larger Than Life!


From DeLorean Doors to '80s Scores!

Immerse yourself in the neon glow of Hit Radio 80s, where we rewind to the era that revolutionized music with its daring innovation and unforgettable flair. The 1980s: a decade where genres like synth-pop, new wave, hard rock, and glam metal exploded onto the scene, setting the tempo for a musical revolution. Here at Hit Radio 80s, every song is a journey back to a time when music wasn’t just heard; it was experienced, with every synth beat and guitar riff echoing the vibrant spirit of an era that dared to stand out.

Hit Radio 80s isn’t just playing hits; it’s reliving the decade’s groundbreaking moments in music history. Our station is a vibrant tribute to the icons and the underdogs, the anthems and the deep cuts, all curated to bring the diverse soundtrack of the 80s directly to you. It’s a place where the past pulses to the beat of classics that have aged like fine wine, alongside tracks waiting to be rediscovered by new ears.

Crank up the volume and let Hit Radio 80s be your guide to the decade when music was larger than life, and every day was an invitation to be bold, be different, and dance like nobody’s watching. Here, the 80s never ended—their legendary sounds, audacious styles, and cultural milestones live on, inviting you to relive the magic or discover it anew. Hit Radio 80s: Where every track is a time machine to the heart of an unforgettable decade in music.