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Introducing the legendary return of Chickenman, the feathered superhero who’s been in exile for far too long! Dive into the nostalgic world of RetroRadio and join us as we resurrect this iconic character to once again fight crime, chaos, and calamity with a side of poultry puns.

In a world desperate for a hero, Chickenman rises from the coop to save the day once more! With his trusty sidekick, Featherboy, by his side and a beak full of justice, he’s ready to tackle any villain foolish enough to cross his path.

Tune in to RetroRadio and catch all the clucking action as Chickenman takes flight, bringing laughter, excitement, and a whole lot of feathered fun back to the airwaves. It’s time to dust off your capes and prepare for a journey into the past where heroes were fowl and justice had wings!

Don’t miss out on the adventures of Chickenman, exclusively on RetroRadio. Because when trouble comes home to roost, there’s only one hero you can count on! 🐔🎙️ #ChickenmanReturns #RetroRadio #FeatheredJustice


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