Listen. Feel. Belong.

Steve Edwards

Thrilled to join The Velvet Touch, I’m steeped in a life immersed in music, from childhood radios in every room to an epic stereo console. My journey through tunes spans Big Bands like Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey and Harry James to iconic singer-songwriters of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Chuck Magione to Sade, George Benson to Joyce Cooling—music is the heartbeat of my existence. Beyond tunes, I sponsor a high school radio station in Chicago, relishing guiding youngsters into radio’s joy and power. In today’s playlist-dominated world, radio’s magic lies in rediscovering classics and unearthing musical treasures and teenagers are just beginning to understand how radio can make their life better. Amidst this melodic passion, I indulge in a seemingly unrelated part-time gig—beekeeping. It’s a harmonious blend, nurturing both the soul through music and nature through bees.

Weekdays // // 10am - 3pm Easterrn