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Skip Kelly

I was born and raised in the Granite State of New Hampshire, about 7 miles from the shortest seacoast in the United States (fact !)  Because of that proximity, I developed a passion for the ocean and spent every summer there with my parents.  I loved it so much that I even got a summer job during college as an ocean lifeguard in Maine for four years.  I swam every day despite the water temperature never getting much above 55 degrees!

In New Hampshire, I developed another passion roughly around 7th grade:  RADIO!  I knew that’s what I wanted to do for a living, and I pursued that goal by soaking up all the local stations that I could and even the big “flame-thrower” stations out of Boston.  I attended the University of New Hampshire, majoring in Journalism and Broadcasting, and cut my radio “chops” on the campus radio station, 92.1 FM, WUNH.  I got my first paid radio gig directly out of college at a small Top 40 station in WSME in Sanford, Maine, and never looked back.

Fast forward MANY moons and I’m now based in beautiful West Palm Beach, FL. where the ocean water is MUCH warmer and where I’ve called home for over 30 years….there I go, dating myself again.  Anyway, I’ve worked in many formats, including Top 40, Country, Album Oriented Rock, Jazz, Oldies, and more, but I love and enjoy Oldies the most since it’s the music I grew up with!

I have also owned and operated a Mobile DJ business since college. I have spun the tunes and hosted and emceed thousands of events over those many years, including 2054 wedding receptions and counting!

I have four children that I love dearly, ranging in age from 12 to 29.  Three of them have worked with me in my DJ business.  Maybe my 12-year-old will be coming on board next…if he wants to work at a job that’s a ton of fun.  I’m old enough o have grandkids, but so far, have none.  Maybe someday.  I also have a bird, a sun conure, named Kylo.  He always has something to say, proving he’s from a radio family.

I’m very excited to be a part of Retro Radio and spinning great music from the Best of Times for you, our loyal listeners. I’m also looking forward to hearing from you to say hello or suggest your favorite song.  Please reach out to me on Instagram @RadioSkip57

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