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Kitty McVay

Hello to you, and welcome to The Country Blend!

I’m a long-time radio chick, who loves her country AND her rock, both make me happy… so do cats, gaming, cleaning the toilet, and doing dishes. Cooking is another way I keep my “crazy” in check.

I love someone who’s honest and tells you the “straight dope” since that’s what I pride myself on.

My hubby is someone I’ve known since he was 13, and he hunted me down 5 years ago and we’ve been back together since then. And I wouldn’t trade him for a BILLION dollars, because when you find someone who’s crazy and plays well with your own, you embrace them.

I’m here to “entertain” you, and I do want to hear what you think… drop me a message here on our website, or hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by finding me.

Search for “Kitty McVay” – and if you can’t find me, tell me and I’ll find you!

So if you’re looking for a friend, I’m here for you on The Country Blend! Where we “do radio” the RIGHT way: we LISTEN to you and give you what you want!

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