Listen. Feel. Belong.

Jay Lieberman

Music has the power to embrace, paint emotions, soothe the heart, and create a smile,” drives me when I am behind the microphone, in the studio, and every aspect of my work and personal life.  As a little lad growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, I was surrounded by the music my mother would play on the record player.  The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Classical, and some good ole’ 70’s folk music.  This nurtured a love and an ear for various musical genres.  And a love for what music makes you feel and how it can instantly change the room’s entire mood.  This love led to various musical arenas bubbling to the top of the 80’s music scene, like punk, grunge, progressive, and experimental rock.  Feeling and hearing the song’s story became more important than just listening.  My musical fuel tanks were filled up when I went to college and later grad school, becoming the resident bass singer in a fraternity barbershop quartet.  My musical range and involvement were endless, even after I started my legal and real estate career.  This included live youth sports announcing, public speaking, teaching, hosting a local podcast show, hosting The Real Estate Minute video show, being station manager on the alternative rock station The Edge, and being on-air host of The Rock Lounge, heard on The Edge.  In my personal life, I am on the board of various charitable groups important to him, chair and member of various committees of my real estate boards, am an amateur science fiction writer (no one will publish me), and a full-on anything and everything GenX’er.

Saturdays // Retro Radio // 12pm - 6pm Eastern
Sundays // Classic Rock Planet // 6pm - 11pm Eastner