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Hugh Stone

I’m a long time country radio DJ and am so glad to keep going on The Country Blend.

My roots are native to Maryland but have called North Carolina my home for over three decades with my wife of 35 years and my grown kids, whom I love dearly.

I revel in living at the beach and have been obsessed with palm trees since I was a little boy and have understood my entire life that I would someday live under them.

So, there you go. I take pleasure in black coffee, cooking all the meals for my family, daily morning meditation, writing, and reading, and actually read 5 books at a time, yeah, I am weird that way but I like to read.

My passions are my Bible study, time with my wife and kids, close friends, and writing.

And when I’m not on the air, I love art and creating one-of-a-kind things to give as gifts around the holidays.

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