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Jim Tice

My entry into country music was kind of by accident. I worked in Oldies at WMOD-FM in Washington, DC. Soon after, the station became 98 WMZQ.  Prior to that, I worked for Top 40 stations. I did news and was air talent at WCAO-AM and WCBM-AM in Baltimore. In 1968, I was Program Director, PM drive air talent, and the creator of the first Top 40 FM Station, WLPL-FM in Baltimore –the first FM Station to knock off WCAO and the first Top 40 station to break the Top 5 in the overall ratings in Baltimore. Honored as Small Market Program Director of the Year at WCOS in 1983, my career blossomed with accolades, including CMA Medium Market Program Director of the Year at WZZK in 1989. At WZZK, I earned five additional Billboard nominations, consistently maintaining ARB Ratings and securing the top spot for Adults 25-54 shares for over 40 ARB ratings reports. From overseeing operations at Cox Radio’s WZZK/WODL to Program Director roles at WKHK/K95 and WDRM, my contributions to the radio landscape have been impactful. I also did TV weather in the 90’s at the CBS(WBMG) and at 13 NBC stations in the mid 90s in Baltimore and the NBC TV (WAFF48 ) station in Huntsville, AL.

Weekdays // Country Jamz // 8pm - 12am Eastern