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Roots and Rhythm

Join us every Saturday morning and Sunday night for “Roots and Rhythms,” a compelling and culturally enriching show that explores the vibrant multicultural tapestry of people of color in country music. Hosted by the knowledgeable and passionate Jeff Randolph, this one-hour program takes you on a musical journey through the rich history and diverse contributions of artists who have woven their unique backgrounds into the fabric of country music. From the trailblazers who laid the foundation to contemporary stars making waves today, Jeff curates an engaging playlist that highlights the soulful melodies, compelling stories, and distinctive rhythms that have shaped this often underappreciated aspect of country music. “Roots and Rhythms” is a celebration of diversity and a tribute to the enduring legacy of artists who have added their unique hues to the country music palette. Tune in, and let Jeff Randolph guide you through this harmonious exploration of cultural heritage and musical excellence within the world of country music.

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Saturdays // The Country Blend // 11 AM Eastern
Sundays // The Country Blend // Midnight Eastern


Weekdays // Country Blend // 7am - 10am Eastern
Saturdays // Country Blend // 11am - Noon Eastern - Roots and Rhythm
Sundays // Country Blend // 12pm Eastern - Bluegrass Brunch