Listen. Feel. Belong.

Chris Martin

I’m a lifelong music nerd. Actually, you could probably put any word before “nerd” and that would describe me. Guess I could’ve saved time by writing “Hi! I’m a nerd.”

At a pretty young age, I discovered a passion for announcing and radio and had the great fortune to have my first radio job at the age of 16. “Great fortune” is just an expression. Whatever minimum wage was while Reagan was president was the height of my actual fortune. As happens with life, you end up following many different paths and I’ve been able to realize a number of unexpected experiences in a couple of professional fields. At some point, you usually find your way back to your truest love. Personally, I’m a distant third in command within my household behind the dog, then my wife, except when it comes to picking what we’re eating for dinner.  Then I’m suddenly the boss?

Obviously, I’m not suited for lower-middle management. I failed to mention the family turtle who reports to me. I couldn’t be more genuinely excited to be here.  I believe radio will always have the edge in enjoying recorded music because it’s a shared experience.  That voice on the radio here is a real person who is happy to be sharing their passion with you.  I hope we get the chance to enjoy lots of great music together!

Weekdays // Classic Rock Planet // 7pm - 12am Eastern